15 actors who’ve appeared in ‘Doctor Who’ as different characters

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“I never know where the faces come from. They just pop up…”

Now that we finally have an explanation for why the Twelfth Doctor chose the face of Peter Capaldi, following previous roles in Doctor Who and Torchwood, CultBox decided to take a look at the many actors who have played more than one character in the show…


Karen Gillan as companion Amy Pond and as a Soothsayer in ‘The Fires of Pompeii’



Clive Swift as Jobel in ‘Revelation of the Daleks’ and as Mr Copper in ‘Voyage of the Damned’



Colin Baker as Commander Maxil in ‘Arc of Infinity’ and as the Sixth Doctor



Sheila Reid as Etta in ‘Vengeance on Varos’ and as Clara’s gran in ‘The Time of the Doctor’ and ‘Dark Water’



Mark Gatiss as Professor Richard Lazarus in ‘The Lazarus Experiment’ and as Gantok in ‘The Wedding of River Song’



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