The Crow Girl clapperboard

The Crow Girl – Paramount+ greenlights novel adaptation

The television version of Erik Axl Sund’s novel will star Eve Myles, Katherine Kelly and Dougray Scott.  Paramount+ have announced an adaptation of the thriller novel The Crow Girl. Produced by Buccaneer (Irvine Welsh’s Crime, Marcella), the story will play out across six hour-long episodes. This announcement comes just weeks after Paramount+ pulled the plug … >

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Torchwood: Among Us Part 1 cover art crop

Torchwood: Among Us Part 1 – story details and returning cast (updated)

Updated 10/02/23: Audio producers Big Finish have released a trailer for Torchwood: Among Us. Ahead of its May release, there’s now trailer out for the latest audio continuation of the show. Torchwood: Among Us Part 1 contains four episodes; it’s the first of three box sets forming the upcoming series. big-finish · Torchwood: Among Us Part 1 … >

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Torchwood Gwen Cooper

Torchwood: Among Us – Eve Myles returns to Big Finish as Gwen Cooper

The audio producers continue their new Torchwood range on audio, announcing three boxsets for 2023.  While they’ve filled in the gaps and created new eras for Torchwood since 2015, it wasn’t until 2017’s Aliens Among Us series that Big Finish took the organization forward. Past the end of Miracle Day, three boxsets continued the tale … >

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Keeping Faith series 3

Keeping Faith series 3 — everything you need to know

Keeping Faith series 3 promises to be every bit as triumphant as the first two series if the BBC’s press pack is anything to go The BBC press pack has plenty of rich detail, summarising the show so far. The theme for Keeping Faith series 3 is simple — who is Faith? Series 1 was about who is … >

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Free Captain Jack Harness in Changes Everything

Free Captain Jack in Torchwood audio from Big Finish

John Barrowman may be back in Doctor Who on New Years Day, but today you can get Free Captain Jack thanks to Big Finish This week (commencing 14 December 2020) Big Finish is giving away a free Captain Jack Harkness audio from its Torchwood range. Since the beginning of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, Big Finish has given away more … >

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Torchwood: Dissected

Torchwood: Dissected review

An urgent autopsy for a young man who’s suffered a suspicious death provides a stressful context for an overdue reunion, as Gwen Cooper meets up with former colleague Dr Martha Jones in the latest Torchwood monthly audio release from Big Finish. Dissected is a skilful two-hander character-piece brought to life (in the midst of death) … >

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Cover of Torchwood Smashed audio from Big Finish

Torchwood: Smashed review

The latest monthly Torchwood release from Big Finish returns the spotlight to the character of Gwen Cooper, who was last heard from in the richly atmospheric standalone story Night of the Fendahl released back in April. That return to the mythos of the Fendahl made for a creepy and unnerving tale. Smashed has an altogether … >

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Torchwood: Night Of The Fendahl review

A low-budget, low-rent film crew are shooting their latest schlock horror in the mocked-up catacombs of Fetch Priory. It’s a hackneyed, tawdry slasher, replete with all the overused “young woman as sacrificial victim” clichés. But this film project is not just a case of tacky production values and poor creative choices. This movie director and … >

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