15 of the most romantic moments in ‘Doctor Who’

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Love plays a strong role in modern Doctor Who, with not just the companions but the Time Lord himself occasionally becoming involved with affairs of the heart.

Of course, being the Doctor, romantic moments often involve self-sacrifice and monsters too.

Here are 15 of our favourite romantic moments from the past decade of Doctor Who


15. Craig and Sophie admit their feelings in ‘The Lodger’ (2010)

Doctor Who The Lodger Craig Sophie

“I love you, too, Craig, you idiot.”

Craig and Sophie confront their feelings for each other and save the world at the same time. “Pizza, booze, telly” nights are never going to be the same again.


14. River and the Doctor kiss in ‘Day of the Moon’ (2011)

Doctor Who Day of the Moon

“What’s wrong? You’re acting like we’ve never done that before.”

After returning River to her prison cell, the Eleventh Doctor is surprised to receive a kiss. He is flustered, but she realises his first time may well be her last.


13. Abigail joins Kazran in ‘A Christmas Carol’ (2010)

Doctor Who A Christmas Carol

“We’ve had so many Christmas Eves, Kazran. I think it’s time for Christmas Day.”

After keeping her on ice for all those years, Kazran is persuaded to accept the inevitable and spend one final, perfect day with Abigail – beginning with a shark-pulled sleigh ride.


12. Jackie and Pete are reunited in ‘Doomsday’ (2006)

Doctor Who Jackie Pete Tyler

“There was never anyone else. Twenty years, though. Look at me. I never left that flat. Did nothing with myself.”

While technically not the same people, and with a hefty pinch of salt, Rose’s parents are brought back together when Jackie from our universe meets alt-Pete.


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