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5 ‘Doctor Who’ stories which need a sequel

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It is generally in the nature of the Doctor to slip away quietly, once the monsters are fought, the planet is saved and good has prevailed. Sometimes, however, us poor viewers are left wondering what happened next?

Were lives truly changed by the visit of the man in the blue box? Did the hard-won peace survive? Did UNIT pitch up seconds after the TARDIS dematerialised and impound everything that moved?

In honour of the fact that us fans are often left wanting more, here is CultBox’s rundown of five tale from Doctor Who’s modern era that we would love to return to for second helpings in Season 9


‘The Empty Child’ / ‘The Doctor Dances’ (2005)

Doctor Who Captain Jack

Or more specifically Captain Jack Harkness and the hole in his memory. Although Russell T. Davies devised the character of Jack, it was Steven Moffat who penned the episodes which introduced him. Jack left the Time Agency and became an intergalactic con-man after his discovered that his employers had erased two years of his memory.

Moffat recently revealed that the possibility of Jack returning is “never, ever closed off”, adding that his comeback “would have to be seismic”.

Last seen in Doctor Who hooking up with Midshipman Alonso Frame just before the Tenth Doctor regenerated, and with Torchwood seemingly parked for the foreseeable future, it would be fantastic to have Jack back and continue his story (and try to forget this ever happened). Come on, Mr Moffat, we think you owe us this one!


‘The Hungry Earth’ / ‘Cold Blood’ (2010)

With its direct homage to the original Silurian tale, this two-parter from Matt Smith’s first run ended with the Earth’s former owners back in their suspended animation for a further one thousand years.

With the alarm clock set for 3020, we would like to see the tale of humanity dealing with Silurians in their midst, and the Earth Reptiles curbing their militaristic tendencies to accept the apes who have taken control of their home.


‘The Doctor’s Daughter’ (2008)

When the Doctor’s daughter – by progenation – Jenny (Georgia Moffett) took a bullet for him it looked like she was a one episode character, but in the closing moments of the show she came back to life, stole a ship and headed out into the stars to see planets, rescue civilisations, defeat monsters and generally carry on the family business.

This has to be the ultimate ‘what happened next’ and we remain hopeful that Jenny’s path will cross with her father’s again. Reportedly it was Steven Moffat who suggested this happy ending, so maybe he has an idea or two parked somewhere.

Perhaps the Doctor will discover her on the wrong side of a conflict, or she will ride to his rescue at a crucial moment bringing that extra tension that only an awkward family reunion can offer.


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