6 mysteries about Clara that still need solving in ‘Doctor Who’

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Jenna Coleman returns for her second series of Doctor Who as companion Clara Oswald this summer.

The Doctor may have solved the mystery of the Impossible Girl in ‘The Name of the Doctor’, but there are still a few questions left unanswered…


Who gave Clara the Doctor’s phone number?


In ‘The Bells of Saint John’, when Clara is having trouble connecting to the Internet, she is given the phone number for the TARDIS by “the woman in the shop”, leading to her meeting the Doctor.

However, we never learn the identity of this woman. Could it be River Song? One of the many Claras scattered across time and space? The TARDIS itself? Did Martha Jones’s freelancing work dry up and she’s now working at PC World? Or perhaps someone else entirely?


How did Clara’s mum die?


We learnt a little about the death of Clara’s mother in ‘The Rings of Akhaten’, with her gravestone revealing that she died in March 2005 – could she have been killed during the Auton invasion in Series 1’s ‘Rose’? Or maybe her soufflé addiction just got a bit out of control?

Perhaps we’ll see Clara and the Doctor travel back in time to visit her mum in Series 8, as Rose did (with disastrous consequences) with her dad in ‘Father’s Day’?


How did Clara end up working at Coal Hill School?


Aside from the mystery of qualifying as an English teacher in the space of one episode, surely it can’t be a coincidence that Clara is now working at Coal Hill School – the very same London school that Doctor Who‘s original companions Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright taught at back in 1963, and which the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan attended.

But who’s that named as the Chairman of the Governors on the school sign? None other than Ian. Might we see actor William Russell return to the role in Series 8?


Who was driving the car which nearly killed Clara’s dad?

Rings car

We never see who’s behind the wheel of the car which seems to be aiming directly for Clara’s father while he’s distracted by “the most important leaf in human history” in ‘The Rings of Akhaten’ – and the driver keeps on going without stopping after Ellie pulls him out of its path.

If the car hadn’t been there, Clara’s parents would never have met and Clara would never have been born to save the Doctor. Could we see a flashback to this highly significant event?


What was the story about the pigeon?


Okay, it’s probably not the most important plot strand left dangling in ‘The Time of the Doctor’, but was anybody else a bit intrigued to know why Clara’s dad was quite so eager for Clara’s nan to tell the story of “the pigeon in the restaurant” at Christmas dinner?

Steven Moffat has returned to reference more random throwaway lines than that in the past, so maybe we’ll find out one day.


Who was on Clara’s stepmum’s list of potential boyfriends?


“You could make a boy band out of my list”, says Linda at Christmas dinner after revealing that she has “a list of suggestions” to help Clara move on from the Doctor. But who was on the list?

Fine, we admit that we’ve run out of mysteries to include in this feature now…


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