6 of the best moments in ‘Cold Feet’ Season 6

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After eight joyful weeks, we’re back in a Cold Feet-less land following the conclusion of Season 6 on ITV last week.

But never fear – if Monday nights had reminded you just how much you missed Adam and co., then you can relive all their troubles and joys with the release of the sixth season on DVD, out now.

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A complete 12-disc box set featuring all 43 episodes is also out this week.

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Season 6 is available to own on iTunes too.

Cold Feet 6 DVD

While we eagerly await the arrival of the recently-announced seventh season in 2017, here are six of our favourite moments from Season 6…


1. Angela makes a questionable entrance

Cold Feet 6 1 Angela [Karen David].

We’re not inclined to like Adam’s new fiancée Angela before she appears; after all, she’s young, and not Rachel, and he’s only known her for about 20 minutes.

And then she appears at the airport, where Adam has sent David to pick her up, and promptly ignores him, acts haughty, and talks on the phone all the time. Turns out she’s just mistaken him for her driver and isn’t a nightmare bitch from hell. Which is a relief for all involved.


2. Middle-aged men in lycra 

Cold Feet 6 3

What do you do when you’re a man in your 40s having something of a life-crisis?

Why, you don the lycra and go out on a bike to traumatise the eyeballs of all you pass. And you bring a bit of not-so-friendly competition into it while you’re at it. Turns out Adam, Pete and David are no exception to this rule. We can never quite look at them the same way again.


3. Adam and Jen play out a strange domestic fantasy

Cold Feet 6 Adam Williams [James Nesbitt].

Back in the land of people wearing normal clothes, Jen needs to get rid of her stalker-ish paramour.

How best to do that? Get your friend to pose as your rather psychotic husband and give Mr Stalker such a good scare that he literally runs away. And which friend do you call on? Why, Adam, of course, who seems to love hamming it up.


4. Karen tells her boss exactly where to stick it

Cold Feet 6 Karen Marsden [Hermione Norris].

Lucky Karen gets to live out the fantasy of everyone who’s ever worked in an office, as she tells her incompetent, pretentious and dismissive boss exactly what he can do with his stupid job.

Cue repressed workers around the country cheering her loudly and then bursting into tears.


5. Pete shows off his drumming skills

Cold Feet 6 6

Poor Pete doesn’t have the easiest time of it in Series 6. He’s working two jobs, battling depression, and loses his new friend Harry.

But that’s all forgotten in the most touching moment of the series, when Pete joins his son’s band onstage to show off his drumming skills. We weren’t sobbing as we watched. Honest.


6. David shows his true grasp of romance

Cold Feet 6 David Marsden [Robert Bathurst].

You can always count on David to bring a touch of ridiculousness to any situation – even when that situation is proposing marriage.

Desperate to out-do Karen’s mega-rich admirer Eddie, he blurts out a proposal at Adam’s party and immediately runs off to the loo. But he’s not done yet; he’s still got to wrestle Eddie on a Twister mat. Because that is how you win the hand of the woman you love. Colour-coded wrestling.


Buy Season 6 on DVD on Amazon here.

Buy the complete Season 1-6 box set on Amazon here.

What was your favourite moment in Season 6? Let us know below…

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