Father Ted’s best episodes

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Father Ted Small Far away‘Hell’ (Series 2, ep 1)

Series 2 was where the show really found its stride and it hit the ground running with the first episode in which Ted, Dougal and Jack take their summer holiday at Kilkelly Caravan Park. The ensuing holiday from hell sees Ted as infuriated as ever, and Dougal reaching new levels of adorable idiocy.

This was another episode where the show really embraced its absurdity. A prime example of this is the fact that the only two nearby places of interest to the caravan are St Kevin’s Stump (just a tree stump) and the Magic Road (a road where gravity doesn’t apply).

The episode’s stand out moments though involve the unexpected arrival of the excitable Father Noel Furlong, played with typical flamboyance by Graham Norton, and the unforgettable scene where Ted tries desperately to explain to Dougal the difference between “small” and “far away”.