5 of the most romantic ‘Doctor Who’ episodes

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Before 2005, Doctor Who did not spend a lot of time dwelling on matters of the heart.

In the modern era, love and romance are more upfront, so here are our 5 favourite romantic Doctor Who stories for you to revisit on Netflix this Valentine’s Day…


‘The Lodger’ (2010)

Doctor who The Lodger

When the Eleventh Doctor moves in with Craig Owens (James Corden), he finds himself cast in the role of relationship counsellor. Best friends Sophie (Daisy Haggard) and Craig both have feelings for each other but neither has taken that first step.

After turning their lives upside down in his efforts to fit in, the Doctor finds that he is not capable of resolving the threat which brought him to Craig’s door. Rather it is Craig who has to declare his love for Sophie to finally save the day, shutting down the murderous autopilot of the time ship which has landed on top of his house.


‘Human Nature’ / ‘The Family of Blood’ (2007)

Doctor Who Human Nature

In the heart-breaking events of this two-parter from 2007’s Season 3, the Tenth Doctor both loves and loses, with his Time Lord status destroying hopes of a happy union. Hiding from The Family of Blood, a group of telepathic creatures who sought immortally, he transformed himself into a human being and taught at a school in pre war England. Robbed of the knowledge of his true nature, John Smith fell for Matron Joan Redfern (Jessica Hynes).

Sadly, in order to combat the menace of The Family, Smith was forced to become the Doctor again and Joan couldn’t reconcile the two.


What’s your favourite romantic Doctor Who episode? Let us know below…

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