‘Doctor Who’ Series 8: What should we expect from Peter Capaldi’s Doctor?

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When Capaldi became the third Scot to assume control of the TARDIS, a number of internet mash-ups suggested he’d be playing it as Malcolm Tucker in space, complete with swearing…

Of course there’s more to the third-Doctor-called-Peter than that – and when you’re playing a 2000-year old-plus alien who whizzes about space and time in a dimensionally inverse box with an Earth girl to swap banter with, previous form isn’t much of a guide.

One of the first words used in relation to 12 was ‘fierce’ which led some to believe we’d be seeing Clara throttled by the new Doctor, a la Six and Peri. It’s hardly likely that a move so dumb – alienate the audience towards the hero and the children towards their ‘protector’ in seconds – would be repeated; more we can expect that his attitude will be direct and uncompromising.

The best example can be seen in that cameo in ‘The Day of the Doctor’ – the decisive shove of the console lever, eyebrows furrowed so deep you could plant spuds in them. A Doctor prepared to visit from his own future to ensure the Daleks blast each other to oblivion.

Then there’s his proper first bow in ‘The Time of the Doctor’. Incredibly expressive and mercurial as he switches from baffled incomprehension (the face-off with Clara) through pain (“Kidneys!” – showing disdain for even his own bodily organs) to controlled panic as he tries to steer the TARDIS and finds he can’t. This could be a Doctor who, in a crisis, shows an initial flash of anger before his authority comes to the surface and he takes full charge.

Next, the costume. If clothes make the man, then we have someone who likes to look sharp and stylish to highlight his sense of control, unlike his off-the-peg predecessors whose personalities were scattershot to match. The costume has been compared to the authoritative Third Doctor, and a 1960s mod or ‘bovver boy’ – which in fact are types far removed from Pertwee’s near-establishment figure.

Capaldi’s own description of his take on the character as “100% rebel Tine Lord” confirms the intensity already hinted at, and Steven Moffat’s declaration of “Monsters of the universe, the vacation is over. Peter Capaldi is coming to get you!” suggests that 12’s invective will be mostly aimed at the bad guys.

To finish with, the photos and clips already seen offer more clues – on a horse in a nightshirt, to show that an older Doctor can do action as well as the young ‘uns, engaging in a sword fight in the woods (albeit armed with a spoon) and some seemingly tender scenes with Clara shown in a Cardiff street. This is going to be a Time Lord of many facets – but largely one not to be trifled with. At any cost…

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