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The ‘Doctor Who’ Emergency Fanw*nk Hotline Week 5: ‘Oxygen’

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On and on, and on, and on it goes. The world it just keeps spinning. Until I’m dizzy, time to breathe. So close my eyes and start again anew.

No one here remembers Willy Mason do they? How about JJ72? Oh well, please yourselves.

Ring up and press things as you wish…


Press 1 if you are celebrating because you had ‘The Sun Makers’ in this week’s ‘What Classic Who story is it going to be like this week?’ sweepstake.

Press 2 if, in wake of last week’s ‘Harry Sullivan’s Grandson’ character, you had Abby headcanoned as a distant relative of Sharon from the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip.

Press 3 if you wrote an article called ‘The Top 50 Assholes in Cinema’ for Den of Geek which featured ‘Space’ at number 20, and you really hope that Jamie Mathieson has read it and was strongly influenced by it.

Press 4 if you heard the phrase ‘Capitalism in space’ and really hoped Richard Branson wasn’t watching.

Press 5 if you think Social Justice Warriors are running Doctor Who, and you are fine with this.

Press 6 if you now associate pregnancy with space zombies.

Press 7 if you already associated pregnancy with space zombies.

Press 8 if you finished watching this episode and wondered if you would ever experience joy again.

Press 9 if you saw Michelle Gomez in the teaser for next week and realised that, yes, joy is forthcoming.

Furiously mash the # button if you’re still not sure about the blue person gags.

Gleefully mash the * button if you’re still not sure about the blue person gags, but only because you reckon Bill has definitely seen Arrested Development.


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