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The ‘Doctor Who’ Emergency Fanw*nk Hotline Week 6: ‘Extremis’

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So, it turns out this was nothing to do with Warren Ellis and Michelle Gomez gave a very restrained performance. One of these was more unexpected than the other. Consider your options, and then pick whichever one of these false realities most appeals to you:

Press 1 if you weren’t expecting an episode based on that time Steve Moffat spent the evening eating cheese while watching Monty Python and The Matrix.

Press 2 if you think Moffat had a bet with RTD that he could get loads of Pope stuff into Doctor Who.

Press 3 if you think Moffat just wrote this one specifically for Phil Sandifer.

Press 4 if you remember the last time the Master was executed and brought the Doctor along for legal reasons; and are therefore certain that the Eighth Doctor is returning and that this time, this time, your fan theory about the Christmas Special will be correct*

Press 5 if you greeted the sight of a Millenium Stadium corridor like an old friend.

Press 6 if you were disappointed they couldn’t get Brian Cox to play the main guy at CERN.

Press 7 if you think that the monk aliens’ virtual simulation can’t have been all that if Bill in it completely fails to notice the Doctor, who was blind, acting really like someone who was definitely blind.

Press 8 if you’ve always felt guilty playing Call of Duty and could never put your finger on it before now.

Press 9 if you want the rest of the series now. NOW. Put it in my face. PUMP IT INTO MY VEINS.

Gleefully mash the * button if you spend Steve Moffat episodes in a state of delirious tension as he bombards the screen with ideas, terror, and pathos.

Furiously mash the # button if you spend Steve Moffat episodes in a state of delirious tension as you wait and see what easily expendable gag he’ll offend everyone with this week.

*It won’t.

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