10 things you never knew about ‘Jonathan Creek’

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» Former Doctor Who stars Colin Baker, Paul McGann and Peter Davison have all appeared in the series.

» In the early stages of developing the show, creator David Renwick planned for Maddie to be Jonathan’s stepmother, solving crimes to avenge his murdered father.

» Jonathan Ross appears playing himself in the final episode of Series 3, ‘The Three Gamblers’, while Series 2’s ‘The Problem at Gallows Gate’ guest stars a young Amanda Holden.

» The role of magician Adam Klaus was originally played by Anthony Head in the pilot episode. Due to Head’s commitments on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stuart Milligan took over the role in Series 2.

» The footage of Maddy’s house being knocked down in ‘The Scented Room’ was re-used from an old episode of A Touch of Frost.

» Annette Crosbie, who played Victor Meldrew’s wife Margaret in David Renwick’s previous series One Foot in the Grave, guest stars in Series 1’s ‘The House of Monkeys’. Fellow One Foot in the Grave star Doreen Mantle also guest stars in 2010’s special ‘The Judas Tree’.

» David Renwick originally wanted Only Fools and Horses actor Nicholas Lyndhurst to play Jonathan.

» ‘Jonathan Creek’ is in fact the name of a real place in Kentucky, USA. David Renwick drove through it with his wife on holiday.

» House star Hugh Laurie was interested in taking the lead role, but declined as he struggled to understand Creek’s motivations for investigating in the cases.

» An American remake of the show was developed, intended to feature Whoopi Goldberg alongside Alan Davies.


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