15 things we learned from ‘Doctor Who’ star Jenna Coleman’s convention appearances at the weekend

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Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman appeared at last weekend’s Indianapolis Comic Con in Indiana, alongside Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher and Game of Thrones actors Rory McCann and Jason Momoa.

Here are 15 things she revealed…


Clara and the Doctor’s relationship will surprise viewers in Season 9

“It’s really interesting where it will take them next… it’s a direction that no-one was expecting.” [source]


Clara was in love with the Eleventh Doctor

“The moment [the Eleventh Doctor] was regenerating was the moment [Clara] realised she was in love with him.” [source]


Jenna revealed which two previous Doctors she’d like to have been a companion with

“Tom Baker and David Tennant.” [source]


Outtakes from filming do exist, even though none have appeared on recent Doctor Who DVD releases

“We often show [outtakes] at our wrap party at the end of filming so I know they exist.” [source]


Matt Smith came up with one of his Doctor’s famous catchphrases

“I think I’m right in saying that ‘Bowties are cool’ came out as something Matt had said in a costume fitting.” [source]


Jenna can never predict what will happen in Steven Moffat’s episodes

“You pick up a script and you think you’ve got an inkling of what is going to happen and you’re always wrong.” [source]


Jenna had never watched Doctor Who until her audition

She watched ‘The Eleventh Hour’ as preparation. [source]


Jenna can relate to Clara

“In lots of ways – just being a young person in a big world.” [source]


Jenna was overwhelmed by the three Doctors while filming ‘The Day of the Doctor’

“Having one Doctor is tiring. Having three … I was reduced to a giggling girl.” [source]


Jenna doesn’t think that Clara is too bossy

“I think sometimes The Doctor needs bossing around.” [source]


There’s one other companion Jenna would like to have played

If Jenna could be any other Doctor Who companion, she’d be Amy Pond. [source]


Jenna adores Peter Capaldi

She says he’s “the most sensitive, joyful and witty man” she’s ever met. [source]


Jenna revealed her three favourite Doctor Who monsters

The Whisper Men, Weeping Angels and the Silence. [source]


Jenna doesn’t mind that Steven Moffat keeps killing her

“Moffat started me on the job by killing me.” [source]


Jenna refuses to say how long she’s staying on Doctor Who for

“You’ll have to wait and see is the most boring answer.” [source]


Season 9 began filming in Cardiff in January and will air on BBC One this autumn.

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