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Babylon 5 – JMS announces an animated movie

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The show’s creator promises a “… a love letter to the fans.” 

Over the past couple of weeks, Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski (JMS) has been teasing something “wonderful” related to the show.

To that end, he debuted a new variation on the classic series’ logo on 26th April.

Babylon 5 logo

Not something to do with the forthcoming reboot of the 1990’s space epic however – while it has seemingly survived a cull related to the sale of its network home, the reimagining is currently on hold thanks to the WGA writer’s strike.

So, since that original tease, we had begun to speculate that the project might be new commentaries or perhaps even be a retrospective documentary. We couldn’t have been further from the truth – or more thrilled!

Babylon 5 Animated Movie

Today, JMS confirmed that there is a Babylon 5 animated movie on the way.

While those additional details are promised next week, it seems likely that surviving cast members will be returning to voice their roles – especially as JMS recently posted a teasing snap with star Bruce Boxleitner who played Captain John Sheridan.

JMS went on to post:

Straczynski goes on to say that the animated movie is “… already finished and in the can. So it’s 100% real, happening, and coming out very soon.” He adds that if the animation does well it could be the first of many and encourages the series’ fans to let the world and Warner Bros. know that they are excited for the movie.

The Babylon 5 legacy

Since the original series completed its 5-year story arc in 1999, there have been several follow-on projects. Notably the sequel Babylon 5: Crusade series, which only lasted for 13 episodes, but also a few television movies. Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers attempted to kickstart a new show in 2002 but was not picked up.

Later came the 2007 anthology series Babylon 5: The Lost Tales, released direct to DVD. However, only one instalment titled ‘Voices in the Dark’, comprising two short films, was forthcoming.

Even though many members of the show’s original cast are sadly no longer with us, we are thrilled at the prospect of a further tale in the B5 universe.

We’ll keep you updated on the Babylon 5 animated movie.