Sea Devils

Doctor Who rumour: Sea Devil spinoff coming

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According to Nicola Methven of The Mirror, a new spinoff featuring the Doctor Who monsters known as the Sea Devils will begin filming this spring.

The five-part series is said be titled The War Between The Land and the Sea.

A new company titled THE WAR BETWEEN LIMITED was created by Bad Wolf, the Doctor Who production company.

The Sea Devils are a species related to Silurians, native to the planet Earth and adapted to life underwater. They existed before humans and have fought humans in the past to make the Earth their exclusive dominion.

There is no word on where the said spinoff will film in the spring but a series featuring an ocean-dwelling species will likely require sets featuring water — such as the water tank facilities at Malta Film Studios.

In addition to the information provided from the Mirror, we are aware that a large rig made of structural steel was constructed in spring of 2023 at Wolf Studios Wales where Doctor Who is filmed. The rig was then transported to Malta.

The War Between The Land and the Sea is rumored to be the first of several planned series centring on Doctor Who monsters.