Doctor Who Series 12: Episode 1 casting news

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Several Doctor Who Series 12 cast members for Episode 1 have been discovered. We have a list of the known actors so far.

From a slate photo and set dressing at the filming at Swansea Guildhall, on February 18 and 19, Episode 1 is believed to be a spy drama.

And what is a spy drama without a few agents? Actress Dominique Maher will play Agent Browning, according to her online CV.

Maher was first listed as “Browning” on IMDB, a character in Episode 1.

Maher’s costume as Agent Browning is a protective services uniform with a black visored cap, bulletproof vest and holster. She record ADR (additional dialogue replacement) for Agent Browning with an Australian accent on August 27. ADR is the replacement recording of an actor’s voice when the recording from the original performance is unusable.

The Doctor might have a secret agent identity herself if her psychic paper was required. This post is from the woman who worked on the props during the Episode 1 filming in South Africa.

Notably in the cast for Episode 1 is Stephen Fry, who was seen at the filming at Swansea Guildhall on August 19. Stunt performer Adam Basil is listed on IMDB as the stunt double for Stephen Fry in Episode 1.

Darron Meyer plays Seesay, according to his online CV. IMDB lists Seesay as an Episode 1 character.

Ronan Summers is listed as playing a character called Rendition Man in Episode 1 on IMDB. It is unknown what the character’s name could mean but it could refer to the practice of covertly abducting and transporting people from one country to another for interrogation.

Episode 1 of Doctor Who Series 12 is set to air very early in 2020. It was filmed in various locations in South Africa and Wales.

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