Executive Producer says Doctor Who Series 11 is a “box of chocolates”

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According to an Empire magazine interview, Doctor Who Series 11 Executive Producer Matt Strevens says:

“It’s a box of chocolates of a series. There’s something different in every episode.”

This falls in line with the information from San Diego Comic Con press conference where Chris Chibnall revealed that the entire series would be stand-alone episodes. Stevens further told Empire that Series 11 is a “jumping-on point” and “a restating of what the show is” for viewers.

Strevens also had some encouraging words about Jodie Whittaker:

“We knew she was good, buy she has taken it to a whole new level. What you get from Jodie is a sense of joy, sense of wonder and a multi-faceted performance that is instantly The Doctor.”

Empire also interviewed Jodie Whittaker and director Jamie Childs, a fan of director Steven Spielberg, who “tried to Spielberg it up a bit”, employing the mere movement of the camera to help tell the story.

The series apparently features some terrifying computer-generated monsters according to Jodie Whittaker:

“There have been times when you’re hoping your reaction is big enough, and then we’ve gone to ADR (Additional Dialogue Recording) and you’re like ‘Oh my God, it’s terrifying. Thank God I reacted like that…’”

The article also features a brand new photo of Jodie Whittaker as the thirteenth Doctor dressed in the twelfth Doctor’s tattered coat.

The October issue of Empire magazine is scheduled to hit newsstands on Thursday, September 6 but a few fortunate fans already have received their issue.