Hijack Season 1 - Idris Elba as Sam Nelson

Hijack Season 2 – Apple TV+ renews Idris Elba’s real time thriller

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Sam Nelson looks set to find himself in another tense against-the-clock situation. 

Ladies and gentlemen, please make sure your seat belt is securely fastened and that your seat backs and tray tables are in their fully upright position. Apple TV+ have pressed the button on another run of Hijack.

The show’s tense first season played out in real time as Idris’ character Sam Nelson, a high stakes negotiator, endeavoured to foil a plane hijack from the inside.

Idris Elba in AppleTV+'s Hijack Season 1
Idris Elba as Sam Nelson (c) Apple TV+

Quite what nail-biting situation Hijack season 2 will find Sam Nelson in remains unclear. Presumably, he won’t be on board another plane. Perhaps he’ll be suffering from the sort of dumb luck that afflicts Die Hard‘s John McClane? Or even Speed‘s Annie Porter?

Idris Elba said:

“I was floored by the overwhelming audience response after season one. It’s top secret what new situation unfolds for Sam Nelson but I can assure you we will bring the high octane back!”

Jay Hunt, Apple TV+’s creative director, Europe, added:

“Global audiences were on tenterhooks watching Idris’s riveting performance in ‘Hijack,’ and we’re thrilled to be working again with 60Forty and Idiotlamp on an equally compelling season two.”

Hijack is created by George Kay (Lupin) and Jim Field Smith (Litvinenko). They executive produce for Idiotlamp Productions, alongside Idris Elba, and Jamie Laurenson, Hakan Kousetta and Tom Nash at 60Forty Films. Jim Field Smith is also the show’s lead director.

We’ll keep you posted on Hijack Season 2.

In the meantime, the first season is available to stream globally on AppleTV+.