The Doctor Who Fan Service Hotline Week 3: Rosa

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This article contains spoilers for Rosa.

Malorie Blackman follows Patrick Ness to become the second of the Puffin 50th anniversary ebooks to write for the TV universe, but the first to write for the parent show itself. If I ever hold another Doctor Who pub quiz there’s definitely going to be a Puffin ebook round so you should probably write that sweet little fact down somewhere.

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Press 1 if you think the new title sequence might be god vomiting all the other title sequences into a kaleidoscope.

Press 2 if you think that Chris Chibnall’s Showrunner Revionism Trend might be making previously whimsical things all dark and gritty, and expect this to be borne out by the Judoon being used as an allegory for the IDF.

Press 3 if you noted Krasko fulfilled all of the tropes of a Chibnall era villain: he rolls a cocktail stick around his mouth to remind us about the importance of dental hygiene/not interfering with Chris Chibnall and his huge sacks of teeth, plus his presence states that racist terrorists still exist in the future and is thus incredibly grim.

Press 4 if you can’t wait to see what weird implant everyone’s going to get in next week’s spider episode.

Press 5 if you reckon the Doctor isn’t Banksy, but Ace is.

Press 6 if you heard Fifties music and thought the laundrette was going to be named after Keff McCulloch.

Press 7 if you have been having difficulty working out what your problem with the TARDIS set is, and then realised it’s that you’re calling it ‘the TARDIS set’ and not ‘the TARDIS’.

Press 8 if you think the TARDIS isn’t arriving where it’s meant to because it always does this when there are three companions, and it’s probably not a coincidence they got to Heathrow pretty much as soon as Adric died.

Press 9 if you feel like the asteroid bit isn’t the greatest tribute when you consider there are asteroids named after Lance Armstrong, the Jabberwock, and Phil Spector.

Furiously mash the # button if you now wonder if Krasko is going to turn out to be the original Stenza all along.

Gleefully mash the * button if you did wonder if Krasko was going to turn out to be the original Stenza all along but now you think you’re just overthinking this because we’ve had six series of Moffat and it’s hard to break the conditioning.