the Official Doctor Who Podcast hosts - Christel Dee, Juno Dawson & Tyrell Charles

The Official Doctor Who Podcast announced

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Fans can join Juno Dawson, Tyrell Charles and Christel Dee for a discussion after each new episode of Doctor Who airs. 

While Doctor Who has branched out into lots of media in its 60 years, from comics and novels to bubble bath and underpants, it’s never had an official podcast.

That all changes with the announcement of The Official Doctor Who Podcast, which launches this weekend after the airing of ‘The Star Beast’, the first of three David Tennant-fronted 60th Anniversary Specials.

The Official Doctor Who Podcast

The podcast, produced by James Goss for BBC Studios Digital, takes the form of a three-way discussion between its hosts. They are author and columnist Juno Dawson, pop culture TikToker and movies podcaster Tyrell Charles, and cosplayer and digital creator Christel Dee. Each week the team will be reacting to the latest episode, discussing their thoughts, and diving into upcoming theories across 30 minutes.

While Tyrell Charles new to us, he’s the face of some new introductory videos for Doctor Who on YouTube. Juno Dawson created the BBC podcast drama Doctor Who: Redacted, and has both Big Finish credits and a Doctor Who novel to her name. Meanwhile, Christel Dee is the former host of Doctor Who – The Fan Show (from the Moffat era. She’s also the author of non-fiction books about the show.

It will be interesting to see what impact the podcast makes in what is already an incredibly mature market. There are numerous well-established podcasts offering everything from new episode hot-takes to in-depth discussions on all aspects of the show. As an official product, we imagine this podcast won’t provide much critical analysis on the episodes. However, with the backing of BBC Studios, it does promise exclusive insights from showrunner RTD. Plus, there’s a suggestion of viewer/listener interaction too.

Showrunner Russell T Davies said:

“No show is complete without its own podcast, and this is a chance for viewers to have their say! I’m proud to have this alongside our vast and unrivalled behind-the-scenes coverage.”

The podcast joins Doctor Who: Unleashed, a new behind-the-scenes series which will chronicle the show’s production.

The Official Doctor Who Podcast will be available on all major podcast platforms (and on BBC Sounds in the UK.) It will also appear in video on the Doctor Who YouTube channel.