Watch the new Doctor Who title in action

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The BBC have unveiled this motion graphic of the new Doctor Who logo. There’s nothing by way of new ‘content’ of course – it’s not suddenly Professor Who – but there’s been a total stylistic overhaul and it’s looking really groovy.

There seems to be a secondary, static logo too, also published today by the BBC and based around just the Who bit of the show’s title. We think the above video has been cut down and this freeze-frame moment would come somewhere in stuff cut out around the 6 second mark. (Could the video actually be a cut-down of the new title sequence? If so, ten out of ten for getting ahead of schedule, New Who-makers.)

Alongside the Who-piece is a new piece of ‘key art’ that shows off the Doctor herself. Both are below.

What Auntie Beeb hasn’t yet done – to the greater public at least – is announce when the series will be returning to the screens, but attendees of the BBC Worldwide conference today could see, first hand, that the show is due for delivery – ie. broadcast – this October. As this was a BBC Worldwide statement, an October delivery date would literally mean that’s when they’d make it available to international broadcasters but the show has consistent form in screening around the world in-step with its home country airings.

Much more on Doctor Who, of course, in the coming days and weeks.