Sobbing predicted Chloe and Lucifer season 6

Sobbing predicted as Tom Ellis and Lauren German talk Lucifer season 6

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Sobbing has been predicted by Tom Ellis as he and co-star Lauren German talk about Lucifer from the beginning… to the end

As the publicity for the imminent arrival of Lucifer season 6 picks up steam, there’s an interesting interview with Tom Ellis (Lucifer) and co-star Lauren German (Chloe Decker). We won’t spoil the interview, but will pick out a few parts we found most interesting. Please do watch the whole interview, it’s only a smidgeon over 5 minutes and does set the scene well for the final season.

Back to the beginnings…

There’s a lot of nostalgia for the show’s Pilot episode, and we believe it’s a large element of at least one episode. Tom talks about how he fell for his character within a few pages of reading the script and Lauren was impressed with the pilot as a whole. They mention the scale of filming in LA and were both rather overawed at first. There’s chat about fans, conventions, the cancellation and the renewal. Neither of them ever dreamed they’d be interviewed for an upcoming sixth season.

And the sobbing?

Tom expects all fans to be sobbing by the end of the final episode, but after a breath should realise there’s a bittersweet resolution (we might speculate elsewhere) and one that works. We’ll have a box of tissues nearby, just in case. Not that we’re prone to tears when watching Lucifer, you understand.

And what’s new in season 6?

There’s no specific spoilers, but the show’s dynamic has moved on. The writers have finished with relationship drama, will they won’t they and other troubles. Instead Lucifer and Chloe are very much a united couple, fighting for the same goals. This is very clear from some of the images we’ve seen (and shared), apart from the minor episode where Chloe tries to kill Lucifer. We’re sure they kiss and make up!

It’s a fun interview, more of a chat via video, with both Tom and Lauren out of character (including a dramatic change of hair for one of them), and while it avoids too many specifics, it has added to our excitement for Friday 10 September.