Lucifer season 6 musical monents

Lucifer season 6 musical moments now on YouTube

Relive your favourite Lucifer season 6 musical memories — we show you how Throughout the seasons, there’s been plenty of music in Lucifer, peaking (or so we thought) in season 5 with Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam. Of course a new season (and check out our season 6 review) means more musical moments, and they’ve been collected together on YouTube. Where … >

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Lucifer season 6 review

Lucifer season 6 review — the Devil gets his due, and some surprises

Welcome to our Lucifer season 6 review — short version, we loved it! So. Lucifer season 6. The final season. The one added after what was originally the final season. There were tears, animation, easter eggs, character returns and even a few surprises. Written very much with the fans in mind (without whom it would have ended … >

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Chloe Decker season 6 Lucifer

Chloe Decker — all our theories for Lucifer season 6

Lucifer season 6 brings the show to a close, and before it arrives we thought we’d collect together all our theories as to what might happen, and we found they almost all involve Chloe Decker While Tom Ellis is the star of Lucifer and the central thread of season 6 may be about his coming to … >

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Sobbing predicted Chloe and Lucifer season 6

Sobbing predicted as Tom Ellis and Lauren German talk Lucifer season 6

Sobbing has been predicted by Tom Ellis as he and co-star Lauren German talk about Lucifer from the beginning… to the end As the publicity for the imminent arrival of Lucifer season 6 picks up steam, there’s an interesting interview with Tom Ellis (Lucifer) and co-star Lauren German (Chloe Decker). We won’t spoil the interview, but will … >

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New Lucifer photo grave moment

Lucifer photo suggests grave tidings ahead for season 6

Less than a month to go until Lucifer season 6, and a new photo suggests grave tidings for somebody… Season 6 of Lucifer is coming up in just a few weeks (September 10 to be exact), and after that trailer, showrunner Idly Modrovich has been dropping a few photos to her Instagram. One of these has fans speculating … >

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Lucifer final season trailer

Lucifer final season trailer promises another huge story

The Lucifer final season trailer is here and we’ve taken a look (several times). There will be spoilers for the trailer Here’s the Lucifer final season trailer. While you take in what you’ve just seen (several times), we thought we’d share our observations. Long story short — Wow! We get the lightest of summaries with this: … >

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Lucifer season 6 rumour

Lucifer season 6 rumour round-up — one month to go

Time for a Lucifer season 6 rumour round-up — there’s one month to go Technically Lucifer season 6 arrives on Netflix on September 10, and it’s only August 8, but as the Devil (aka God) says Don’t overthink it. We’ve pulled together gossip and part-informed speculation from a number of places, some are even facts. Let’s do this! Lucifer … >

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