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Another Lucifer 5B teaser trailer dropped on New Year’s Eve

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While 2020 was moving to a welcome close, Netflix dropped another Lucifer 5B teaser…

The news Lucifans are all waiting for is When will season 5B be released? Until then we’ve had another teaser revealed and while it’s mostly footage we’ve already seen in season 5A, there’s a little bit more. The teaser was released on social media with the instruction: hit play at 11:59:03 to ring in 2021 with our luci fancam. If you did that, the 57 second trailer took you through to the stroke of midnight. More importantly, it took you past the final four seconds of brand new footage. SPOILER FOLLOWS…

Lucifer is standing with Dad behind him. Dad (ie God) rests a hand on Lucifer’s shoulder (and Lucifer is shaking) and says:

I’ve come to ask you something

So, what did he want to ask? As he’s omniscient, the question won’t be Do you know when season 5B is being released. But what is it? Various options (in no particular order) might be:

Why did you kill your brother / banish your mother?

Do you want to take over my job?

Will you go back to running Hell permanently?

There’s any number of possibilities, and we have to assume whatever the question is leads to a pivotal moment. If you’ve not see it, the Lucifer 5b teaser is here. We’ve some other story ideas here.