Five Lucifer stories we’d like to see before the show ends

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While fans wait for news of the delayed Lucifer Season 5B, and react to the various bits of gossip coming from those involved on the show, we also know it’s been given a Season 6 and that will be it. With all those episodes to choose from and all the story lines still in flight, we wondered: what would we like to see if we could commission five Lucifer stories?

First a warning — there are plenty of spoilers to follow, though fans have had plenty of time to catch up with Lucifer as Season 5A was released back in August. Fans had hoped to see the final episodes this side of Christmas, but that hope is increasingly running thin. There are many unresolved plot elements, and picking just five Lucifer stories means we had to be strict in our selection. We’ve left out the return of the Goddess and ignored just how many times the writers refer to Tuesday and chickens. It all makes sense if you watch the show on loop and start counting the references!

That conversation between God and Lucifer

The big moment at the end of season 5A was the arrival of God (Dennis Haysbert). God surely has a lot to say to Lucifer (Tom Ellis), Michael (Tom Ellis) and Amenadiel (DB Woodside). But how far does that extend? We understand there will be ice cream with Ella (Aimee Garcia), but who else will he meet? Who will find out he is on Earth, and what happens to Ella’s faith if she finds out the truth? Just how will he and Lucifer resolve their differences. Also, let’s spare a moment for Chloe Decker (Lauren German); surely she will finally get to hear those three little words from Lucifer, and sooner rather than later? Will she meet God, and what does she say to him about her arranged birth?

As to Lucifer and his father, expect more than we saw in Season 2 when he met God Johnson. A tweet from the official Lucifer account has also intrigued us:

no news on 5B but the real news we’ll let you in on is that *** and **** are heading to therapy

Tweeted on Friday 13th, surely this is God and Luci? How will Dr Linda deal with her son’s grandfather and the almighty?

Just who is going to die?

One thing we’ve been promised (if that’s the right word) for Season 5 is the death of a much loved character. Recent fan speculation has turned to Chloe with Lauren German seemingly absent from filming; surely not, unless it’s the final episode? If we take it Chloe can’t die (unless Season 6 is all about her afterlife / resurrection) it must be someone else.

We know Eve (Inbar Lavi) is back for a few episodes, but recent filming is almost entirely for Season 6, so we assume she is alive at the end of the next batch of episodes. If we’re talking heart breaking and much loved, then are we talking Ella ? Who else is there? Dr Linda, Trixie? Dan has been in the show since the beginning, but (and respect to actor Kevin Alejandro) we wouldn’t describe him as much-loved. We can’t see him not being around longer term, but someone, somewhere is on their way out. Not that death is always the end in Lucifer. Unless you happen to not have a soul, like Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt)? Could Maze be the one to die?

There’s a lot of possibilities, and what we at Cultbox want is for this to be meaningful. Look at the impact of previous deaths (Uriel and Charlotte Richards). If we had to call it, we think Miss Lopez might be due to meet her invisible friend Rae Rae one final time. Now please pass the tissues.

Chloe and Lucifer — ’til Death do us part?

Let’s just assume (hope) Chloe makes it to the very end. What happens to her and Lucifer? The show as a whole is a love story / fish out of water for Lucifer Morningstar and we (being romantics at heart) are sure they’ll end up together. But Lucifer is (for now) immortal, and Chloe (for now) human. What happens as time passes. Back in season 3, Pierce / Cain (Tom Welling) was very vivid describing living for ever and watching everyone you love die. Could Chloe take immortality but then watch Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) grow and age? It’s not obvious what the answer is.

We’d like to see the episode that starts with Lucifer talking off-screen to Chloe and as the camera pans, we see that while she has aged several decades, he is unchanged. Whatever their life, impending death (bargains with sister Azrael aside) looms larger. It might be a dream sequence (we’ve had a few) but it would be a way to explore a difficult subject.

Dan’s Destiny — Hell?

Dan has had it hard. His marriage to Chloe failed, they divorced, he hates Lucifer and now knows he’s the Devil. He loved and lost Charlotte Richards, has crossed the line several times, broken the law with Maze but has started to turn his life around. Has it been enough, or is he still destined for Hell? What if he could become the next King of Hell? What more fitting destiny for someone who so disliked Lucifer? Before people point it out, we know only Angels can rule Hell. Is it true though? Can’t the rules change? If so the list of possible rulers of Hell long term moves from just Lucifer, Amenadiel or another sibling (Michael is fan favourite for the part) to almost anybody.

We can’t see Dan being in a rush to leave, and he’s still processing the truth. We’d also like to see the scenes where he wants to take Trixie away from Chloe for her own safety and we find Trixie has known for months because Maze told her!

The list of possible non-Angel rulers of Hell is long. Eve, Maze, and Dan could all (perhaps in descending order) be given the role. What we do want is clarity. If it does have to be Lucifer, at least let him pop back and forwards, treating it more like a job. Could Chloe be his Queen? We aren’t sure. We also have other ideas.

The silver city at last?

We’ve seen Hell in a few episodes, but never the Silver City. Surely a visit to Heaven is overdue? We could see Charlotte Adams, or Adam, or Chloe’s father. What about Lucifer? Might his rebellion finally succeed? Could the King of Hell be the new ruler in the Silver City (we ignore the uproar among more religious fans — it’s a TV show, not reality).

What if God wants to spend more time with his creation? What if the idea of Lucifer being punished was to help him grow to take over? A lot of fans think Michael’s scheme extends to deputising for Dad and taking over, but we don’t think Dad is that easy to fool. This is the best argument we have for Michael taking over Hell — he clearly needs to grow.

Lucifer who?

We promised five Lucifer stories, but like the Devil himself, we’ve extended to six at the last minute. Imagine deep in Season 6 we’ve run out of characters yet to find out Lucifer is the Devil? What if something Celestial were to make Lucifer lose his memory?

We’d enjoy seeing someone wake up to find themselves rich, working for the LAPD and with unusual friends and strange abilities. It would be a way to bring some new perspectives as he sees the life he led from new angles. While it could sustain over a few episodes, more likely it would be a great big forgetting episode, like the forthcoming musical one, but one where everyone loses their memory and new relationships form before the pieces of people’s lives get put back together.

In the end

At the end of the day it will be what it will be and, if the 75 episodes so far are any clue, it’s going to be one Hell of a journey (pun intended).