Another Lucifer season 6 spoiler Dr Linda

Another Lucifer season 6 tease / spoiler — complications for ***

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There”s another Lucifer season 6 tease and there’s a surprise reveal as well


It’s not the biggest spoiler, but you’ve been warned! We understand the embargo on series reviews for season 6 lifts tomorrow (after all the show is coming Friday) and some details are bound to leak. If you don’t want to know, this is your last chance…

Another Lucifer reel, and a Dr Linda retrospective

If you’ve not seen it, and have to know, here’s the official @LuciferNetflix tweet:

Recovered? Yes after the montage of moments from across the seasons, there’s a ‘post-credit’ scene with a new patient: Adam. Yes, as in Adam and Eve Adam! Expect lots of fun with this as Adam meets up with Maze, Eve and everyone else. We suspect this is a single-episode idea, but we would be happy to be wrong as it gives a nice angle on Maze / Eve while Maze seems to be avoiding going to Hell.

At this rate there might still be more reveals to come, and we’ll do our best to stay on top of them. At this point we won’t be shocked to see Pierce (Kane) and/or Abel back again, Father Frank or who knows? We still think Dan will meet Charlotte in Heaven, but anything is possible.

We’ll know on Friday!