Dracula: Moffat and Gatiss say new series is “actually funny”

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The creators of the Beeb’s new take on Dracula will mix scares with laughs…

Claes Bang will star as a quintessentially charming bloodsucking Count in new forthcoming three-part BBC One series, Dracula, but creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss say it won’t just go for the jugular.

“Yes there’s definitely humour,” Moffat told the Radio Times. “There’s no shortage of it at all. I hope people have nightmares and jump and all that, but it is actually funny. It is actually entertainment. It’s not the kind of horror that harrows you and makes you feel that the world is a miserable, wretched place or whatever.”

We doubt this will stray into Dracula: Dead And Loving It territory, though, and Gatiss seemed to indicate that they were also inspired by the original novel’s Western vibes.

“Stoker’s novel is very like a Western,” Gatiss said. “It really is. It’s about a group of people who band together against an enemy, and ends with a chase across Transylvania against the sunset. There’s a lot of late 19th-century Rider Haggard-ness to it, which is not much talked about.”

Dracula stars Lyndsey Marshal (Trauma), Chanel Cresswell (The Bay), Matthew Beard (An Education), Lydia West (Years & Years), Paul Brennen (Wild Bill), Sarah Niles (Catastrophe), Sofia Oxenham (Poldark), John McCrea (Everybody’s Talking About Jamie), Phil Dunster (Humans), newcomer Millicent Wong, Jonny Campbell (Informer), Damon Thomas (Killing Eve). Paul McGuigan (Sherlock) directs Dracula’s three feature-length instalments.

Dracula will premiere on BBC One in the UK and on Netflix outside of the UK and Ireland. The series has yet to reveal an air date, but promises to arrive before the end of the year.