Black Cab – Channel 5 commission a new Liverpool based thriller

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The show is a star vehicle for Robert Glenister, Suzanne Packer and Sean Pertwee.

Car related puns aside, Channel 5 have announced a new 4-part Liverpool based thriller titled Black Cab.

Made by Story Films, it promises to tackle the power of the modern-day talk show host. In our world of opinioneers, spin and alternate facts, it feels like a timely premise.

Robert Glenister

Black Cab follows Tony, a 50-something cab driver from Liverpool, who used to be a respected teacher but lost his job, his confidence, and his marriage. His only lifelines are cafe-worker Rosa, whom he forms a growing attachment to, and a late-night radio talk-show host called Lawrence, who he spends his nights listening to as he ferries passengers across the city.

One day Tony plucks up the courage to ring Lawrence on-air and soon becomes a “friend of the show” – for the first time in years, he feels listened to.  But, as time passes, he starts to interpret Lawrence’s “world view” in dangerous ways.  The relationship grows into an unhealthy obsession for Tony, until he comes to the realisation that the real Lawrence isn’t the man he purports to be.

Suzanne Packer

Robert Glenister (Hustle, Sherwood) leads the cast as Tony, He’s joined by Suzanne Packer (Casualty) as Rosa and Sean Pertwee (Gotham) who takes on the role of Lawrence.

Sean Pertwee

Black Cab comes from writer Nick Saltrese (A Prayer Before Dawn) and director Diarmuid Goggins (Bulletproof). The producer is Alex Jones (Witness No. 3), executive producers are Sam Tipper-Hale and David Nath for Story Films and David Collins for Samson Films.

The show is currently filming on location in Liverpool and expected to air on Channel 5 in 2023.

We’ll keep you posted on Black Cab.