E4 finally announces launch date for The Big Bang Theory prequel in the UK

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As you can see from the story below, it’s been five months since Channel 4 confirmed that it had the UK rights to The Big Bang Theory prequel series, Young Sheldon. In that time, the show has premiered in the US, and a second season has been ordered. Still, we’ve just now got news of when E4 will start screening the show in the UK. The date to mark on your planner? That’d be Thursday February 22nd, with a start time of 8.30pm.

September 2017 announcement

For such a wildly popular and enduring show, we know very few people who claim to particularly like the long-running sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. But they keep making it, people keep watching it, and the wheel keeps turning.

So much so, in fact, that there’s now a prequel series to the show called Young Sheldon, that follows a nine-year old version of the lead character. With voiceover from Jim Parsons, the show has just previewed in the US ahead of its November launch, and 13 episodes are on the way.

Now we learn too that Channel 4 has picked up the UK rights to Young Sheldon, and will be screening the programme on E4. We’d imagine that it’ll stay close to US transmission dates for the programme too, although that hasn’t been confirmed. Still, don’t be surprised to see it on November’s schedules…