Chris Chibnall says his Doctor Who criticism on Open Air was a “load of nonsense”

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“It’s not a kids’ programme at all. It could have been a lot better. It could have been slightly better written, especially the last story. It was very clichéd, it was very routine – running up and down corridors and silly monsters.”

That’s what Chris Chibnall said at age 16 when he expressed his disdain for an episode of Doctor Who starring Colin Baker called Terror of the Vervoids while representing the Doctor Who Appreciation Society on a 1986 episode of Open Air, a BBC television panel discussion.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Chris Chibnall admitted that what he said on the panel was a “load of nonsense.”

“Imagine if something you did for 20 minutes when you were 16 has resonance when you are 30 years older. It’s kind of extraordinary,” he said, laughing. “Listen, I’m not saying I was right when I was 16 ‒ it was a load of nonsense.”

So what did he say can we expect from Doctor Who Series 11?

“Loads of running up and down corridors and loads of monsters.”

Doctor Who Series 11 premieres on BBC One at 6:45 p.m with The Woman Who Fell to Earth, to be simulcast in participating countries.