Classic EastEnders Christmas specials heading to iPlayer!

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Nothing warms the cockles like a festive episode of EastEnders, the soap that seems to find misery in every corner of life and amplify it accordingly. As such, the EastEnders Christmas special is a treat for those who like to see the shit hitting the fan in someone else’s house.

The BBC hears you, too, and on December 16th, it’s uploading five classic EastEnders Christmas specials to the service. And there are some corkers in there, even for those who don’t usually partake. One divorce, one affair, two deaths and a wedding.

The episodes in question are:

  • Den and Angie’s divorce papers – 1986
  • Tiffany’s death – 1998
  • Kat and Alfie’s wedding – 2003
  • Max and Stacey’s affair – 2007
  • Archie’s murder – 2009


Ho ho ho, readers!