Jodie Whittaker - Doctor Who

Watch Jodie Whittaker get photobombed by a Dalek

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Was this Thirteen’s first encounter with the Doctor’s greatest foe?

Back in February 2013, Peter Capaldi eyes were some way off making their first appearance in Day of The Doctor, and we weren’t even really gearing up for the switch from Eleven to Twelve.

The idea of Jodie Whittaker eventually taking over the role could have been little more than a twinkle lodged in the back of Chris Chibnall’s brain – evidenced by a certain Dalek’s complete lack of interest in the actress at that year’s BAFTA awards, shown in the video below.

As Whittaker and her Broadchurch co-star Andrew Buchan were being interviewed on the red carpet, one of Skaro’s finest dropped in behind them for seemingly unwitting photobomb, paying scant attention to the woman that will be piloting the TARDIS after this year’s Christmas’ episode.

It’s an oversight we suspect it will come to regret. Here’s the evidence.