‘Dan Dare – The Audio Adventures’ Crowdfunding Campaign

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Comic strip hero Dan Dare has reached his 70th year. To celebrate, the producers of Dan Dare – The Audio Adventures have launched a crowdfunding campaign to support the production of a third series.

Released in 2016, an initial volume of three stories saw the square-jawed hero first launch into space, adapting the original Eagle comic strips. The stories were absorbing, with terrific audio soundscapes, combining imaginative action set pieces with plenty of entertaining character moments.

Actor Ed Stoppard took on the lead role of Colonel Dare. He was joined by Hitchhiker’s Guide legend Geoff McGivern as Digby and Heida Reed (Poldark) as Professor Peabody. The stories saw the Anastasia travel the solar system; on Venus they encountered the calculating Mekon, memorably brought to life by Raad Rawi.

Well-received by both fans and critics, including here at CultBox, a second volume promptly followed. Featuring ruthless robots and a trip to Saturn, it won the prestigious NYC International Radio Program Gold Award for ‘Best Digital Drama’ (2018).

Familiar names from the Doctor Who and Blake’s 7 universes worked on the first two series. Scripts were penned by Marc Platt, James Swallow, Simon Guerrier and Colin Brake. Guest performers included “Voice of the Daleks” Nicholas Briggs and Alastair Locke.


B7 Media’s crowdfunding campaign seeks to produce fund three new seventy-five minute episodes of Dan Dare – The Audio Adventures, beginning with All Treens Must Die.

A variety of supporter’s perks are available, from exclusive desktop wallpapers and pin badges, to scripts and downloads. For the most enthusiastic, there is even an opportunity to have a character bear your name!

For more information, please visit the Dan Dare – The Audio Adventures Indiegogo campaign page.