Venna's Planet cast revealed for Robin Evans graphic novel

Venna’s Planet — cast for audio dramatisation of Robin Evan’s graphic novel

Oh, My Krog! Venna’s Planet cast revealed! AUK Studios has announced the cast of the forthcoming audio dramatisation of Robin Evans’ graphic novel and comedy space opera Venna’s Planet, produced for AUK by multi-award-winning producer B7 Media. The all-star cast includes cult Hammer Horror and Bond actress Caroline Munro as Venna’s nemesis ‘Jylda’ and former Blake’s 7 star, … >

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Audio Review: Dilation

Produced by Par-sec Productions along with B7 Media (who also produced Dan Dare, Blake’s 7, I Robot and many other titles) is the brainchild of award-winning filmmaker, writer and director Max Hochrad. The premise is straightforward enough: gifted scientist Amanda Higgs (Sioned Jones) goes missing for over 40 years. She arrives in a dystopian United … >

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