Disney is reorganising ahead of Netflix rival launch

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Lest you be in any doubt how big a priority launching a Netflix rival is for The Walt Disney Company, the organisation is now being restricted to support the upcoming project.

Disney plans to launch its own streaming service in the US at the end of next year, and it’s making specific Star Wars, Muppets and Marvel shows for at, as well as exclusive movies. Furthermore, the service is likely to supersede the already-existing Disney Life in the UK.

With one eye also on the planned-but-not-rubber-stamped acquisition of 20th Century Fox, Disney’s heart will now house its Direct To Consumer Services and Technology & International Media Operations under a single umbrella, Direct To Consumer and International Segment. That’s the segment that will oversee the new streaming launch.

Consumer Products & Interactive Media have now been added to the Parks & Resorts side of the business too.

The reshuffle should be complete by the start of next year, and won’t immediately affect any of us (unless you, er, work for Disney). We’ll keep you posted as we hear more…