Doctor Who at BBC Studios Showcase: a summary

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Guests at BBC Studios Showcase in Liverpool were treated to Doctor Who entertainment and a special panel on Monday and Tuesday, February 10 and 11.

BBC Studios Showcase is an annual invitation-only event in Liverpool where BBC Studios’ sales clients and production partners see previews of BBC Studios programmes, meet actors, creatives and decision makers and are treated to lavish evening events.

Jodie Whittaker was snapped by her makeup artist and stylist as she prepared for Monday evening’s events.


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On Monday evening, an Ood served drinks while the guests mingled with Cybermen.


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One of the Cybermen stepped forward and declared, “We are the Cybemen. We are superior. You planet is now our planet. Do not resist us. Humans, speak. Are you prepared to be upgraded?”

After having a few of the Ood drinks, some of the guests were a bit too eager to be converted.


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The invasion has started!! #doctorwho #cybermen

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After the Cyberman’s declaration, the thirteenth Doctor’s voice was heard saying, “Hello? Can you hear me? Aw, come on! If I can travel anywhere in space and time, surely I can get this webcam working. Did someone call for help?”

Suddenly the the Doctor appeared on a screen above the guests heads as she said, “Oh, Cybermen. It’s been a while. Yeah, I’m talking to you. Get off this planet sharpish! I’m, the Doctor; time traveler, adventurer, sorting out fair play throughout the universe…”

When the Doctor finished admonishing the Cybermen, the sound of the TARDIS was heard and Jodie Whittaker came out of her iconic police box on stage and welcomed the guests with the news that Doctor Who Series 12 is launched and said, “I’ll leave you to you cocktails and custard creams.” before she introduced BBC Studios CEO Tim Davie.


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On Tuesday morning, a Doctor Who panel with Jodie Whittaker and showrunner Chris Chibnall was held part of a BBC Drama scripted session at the Showcase. Jodie Whittaker was heard speaking of her audition for the role of the Doctor and praised the work and “rich history” of cast, crew and creatives, both past and present.


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The panel was not conducted for the general public and it is not known what was said in entirety by Whittaker and Chibnall.

BBC Studios Showcase wraps up on Wednesday, February 12 as guests prepare to depart.