Doctor Who crew surprises young fan at Children in Need

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A Young Doctor Who fan experienced the thrill of her life with the surprise appearance of Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole at the BBC Children in Need charity telethon.

Dressed in their Doctor Who Costumes as their characters the thirteenth Doctor, Yaz and Ryan, they began with a video message on a large screen to young Anastasia, a girl who regained her confidence through a drama club sponsored by the charity.

With the ruse that they were filming Doctor Who in America, Jodie Whittaker greeted Anastasia and apologized for not being there.

Whittaker then declared, “Actually, I’m the Doctor. I can do this. Hold on!” and with a wave of her sonic screwdriver, the screen parted in the middle and out stepped Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole.

A delighted Anastasia squealed, hugged her heroes and said “You’re amazing!” as she wiped happy tears from her eyes.

“Anastasia, we have heard so much about you and we’ve heard that also you’ve learned so many amazing things at the Hackney Shed, you could probably teach us for our next season,” Jodie Whittaker said as she leaned closer to the astonished girl “but we also wanted to bring you a little something because you are like someone who could be the next Time Lord and with that, you’re going to need your very own sonic screwdriver!”

Anastasia was speechless as Whittaker produced another sonic screwdriver from inside her coat and gave it to the girl.

This was just one of the many entertaining segments of the charity program which helps sick and disadvantaged children throughout Great Britain.

You can make a donation to Children in Need by visiting their website.