Doctor Who: Flux – third chapter titled ‘Once, Upon Time’

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The third chapter of the six-chapter series Doctor Who: Flux is titled Once, Upon Time.

“Time is beginning to run wild”. On a planet that shouldn’t exist, in the aftermath of apocalypse, the Doctor, Dan, Yaz and Vinder face a battle to survive.

Partial Guest Cast List:

Jacob Anderson: Vinder

Craige Els: Karvanista

Steve Oram: Joseph Williamson

Nadia Albina: Diane Curtis

Sam Spruell: Swarm

Written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Azhur Saleem, Once, Upon Time, the third chapter of Doctor Who: Flux, Once, Upon Time will premiere Sunday, 14 November, at 6:30pm BT on BBC One and at 8:00pm ET on BBC America.