Doctor Who: how Christopher Eccleston was supposed to fit into the 50th anniversary special

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As promised, former Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has published an earlier version of his script for the show’s 50th anniversary special, Day Of The Doctor. It’s for the charity book A Second Target For Tommy, that’s aiming to help raise funds for Tommy Danvaband in his battle against cancer.

Moffat noted that “this is the roughest of early drafts” in his notes on the earlier script, but he nonetheless revealed a scene that takes place where the Doctor first meets ‘the Moment’ (who was played by Billie Piper as Rose Tyler in the final version). And it’s here where Christopher Eccleston’s ninth Doctor was hoped to return.

Amongst the lines the Doctor would have had would have been his opening to Rose back in 2005 – “Run!” – and when cautioning the Moment not to sit on a chair, saying “Because it’s not a chair, love – it’s the most dangerous weapon in the universe”.

There’s a gag that was in there too about his ears. But you’d expect that, right?

In the end of course, Eccleston declined the invitation to return to the show, which then led to Moffat creating the War Doctor, as played by the late John Hurt.

The A Second Target For Tommy book can be ordered here:

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