Doctor Who Magazine editor teases 2024 series episodes

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Ahead of the celebration of the 600th issue of Doctor Who Magazine, editor Jason Quinn shared with WHO Corner to Corner podcast his impressions of the scripts for the new series of Doctor Who to air in 2024.

“When I was reading scripts for this upcoming season… I read the first one, oh my God, I was wondering how they were going to top the specials. Oh, they’ve done it. That is insane. That is so fun.”

“Then I read the second one as it was, ‘holy s**t, no!’ Oh, God! Wow.”

“And then I think, it’s about halfway through, this is just just from reading the script, I think it’s possibly gonna be my favourite Doctor Who story ever, ever, ever! That is a massive claim… It’s creepy as anything. It’s like, so scary. So atmospheric. Also funny and mental… and it kind of resonates. It’s one of those with things that go back to childhood… and images that you would have had as a kid and sort of think they’re there.”

If Quinn, covering the series filming progress, was given the scripts to read in the order in the order in which they were filmed, he is possibly referring to Episode One, filmed in the third of five filming blocks by Julie Anne Robinson. Episode One is rumoured to feature a practical effect monster which Ncuti Gatwa referred to as “the chap that was playing the Boogeyman” in SFX magazine.

The 600th issue of Doctor Who Magazine, available on February 1, will include “secret anniversary souvenirs”.

A new 8-episode Doctor Who series starring Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson will debut in May 2024.