Doctor Who series 11: Jodie Whittaker wants Rose and River Song to return

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Jodie Whittaker dazzled audiences on Sunday night – not least, us – and she’s been continuing her Doctor Who press tour, this time chatting about what returning characters she’d like her Doctor to encounter…

Speaking to Vulture, Whittaker named two sterling ladies from Who history. “I’d love to work with Billie Piper,” she said. “Rose was a brilliant character. I love what she brought to that role — it was engaging and strong and vulnerable and dynamic. I’d like to meet Rose.”

“And River Song!” she added. “There’s load of brilliant creatures and monsters, too. Can you imagine me meeting my first Dalek?”

It’s been confirmed that there won’t be any returning foes this season, as showrunner Chris Chibnall said at San Diego Comic-Con, “It’s pretty much all new stories, all new monsters, all new villains.”

“I think we’re two weeks from finishing filming… and we haven’t come across any old villains yet,” he added. Though the likelihood of any old creatures returning are slim, they could have filmed a return appearance in that two week window.

Doctor Who continues next week with ‘The Ghost Monument’ on BBC One at 6:55pm. 

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