Doctor Who Series 12: silver threat at Nash Point

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Doctor Who filming continues at Nash Point in South Wales on Thursday, August 22.

We’ve found an Instagram post from someone who happened upon the filming.

The most exciting thing about the eight photos in the post is that silver, armoured creatures appear in the distance in some of them. Are they Cybermen, knights or something else?


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We went down to #nashpoint only to find out they are filming #doctorwho #monknash #marcross

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It’s difficult to tell whether the creatures in the distance in the photos are the familiar Doctor Who nemesis, the Cybermen. They are in typical Cyberman formation and some extend their arms as Cybermen do with their weaponized wrist armour. Two actors who have played Cybermen in the past and have more recently played Judoon for Doctor Who Series 12 filming in Gloucester and Cardiff are known to be at the location. Tosin Cole is also known to be at Nash Point.

No matter what the creatures are, there are some exciting scenes coming up for Series 12 and we shall continue to bring you information on the production as we find out.

Update: according to a reply by the originator of the Instagram post, the silver creatures are Cybermen!