Doctor Who Series 12: when does production begin?

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Zoe Howerska, who was a part of Hayley Nebauer’s costume team on Doctor Who Series 10 is back at Roath Lock Studios working on an unnamed TV pilot. She indicates that the next Doctor Who series will begin production in November.

“I’m back in the fitting cupboard of dreams!! Oh mister easy-selfie-mirror how I’ve missed you. Actually really sweet to be back in my old DW office at RL ❤️”

She was asked, “Are you back on the show?” She replied:

“no they’re wrapped now till November! I’m designing a tv pilot during their break”

So we can look forward to production beginning again in November.

Some quotes about Series 11 production from Chris Chibnall at San Diego Comic Con:

“We seem to be filming eleven episodes, Matt [Strevens], but it’s only a series of ten!”

“I would definitely think there’s another episode after the series.”

We can also assume that the Series 11 Christmas special, hinted at by Chris Chibnall and directed by Wayne Yip, was already filmed during production of the series, which wrapped on August 3.