Doctor Who: The Witchfinders leaked on Amazon

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Amazon Prime users who bought the season pass for Doctor Who Series 11  and who attempted to stream the seventh episode of the series, Kerblam! were surprised to find that they were instead given a preview of the eighth episode, The Witchfinders.

The Witchfinders is not due to air until Sunday, November 18.

Some subscribers posted photos from the the episode on Twitter.

Amazon subscribers who complained that they were not able to view Kerblam! received this message in reply:

I am really sorry for the inconvenience you are facing. It seems the issue is with the content provider, they have uploaded the wrong content.

It is apparently the responsibility of the outfit providing the content, in this case BBC Studios, to upload the content made available to subscribers, not Amazon, itself.

BBC Studios released this statement to io9:

We’re aware that an upcoming episode of Doctor Who was made available to Amazon Prime users in the US in error. We are investigating how this happened and have taken the steps to remove it. BBC Studios would like to apologise if anyone’s enjoyment of the series has been spoiled by this mishap.

Ironically, the episode subscribers were attempting to watch, Kerblam!, features a galactic version of an online retailer and delivery service very similar to Amazon, complete with delivery robots who appear to be an advanced version of the delivery drones Amazon has tested.

The leak has since been fixed and Kerblam! is now available on Amazon Prime instead of The Witchfinders.