Elseworlds: Lois Lane actress would love a Superman TV series

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Could there be the new Lois & Clark TV show on the way? Elizabeth Tulloch will debut as the Arrowverse version of Lois Lane during the Elseworlds crossover, and she’s already had conversations about spinning out with Superman.

She will, of course, be acting opposite Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman in the Elseworlds episodes, which will connect up the worlds of Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash for a barn-storming crossover spectacular.

Hoechlin was established some time ago as the Arrowverse’s version of Superman, and he always makes a good impression when he pops up on Supergirl. Now, thanks to this Elsworlds event, we’ll finally get to meet his Lois. 

Here’s what Tulloch said to TV Line about stepping into the Arroweverse as Superman’s iconic love interest:

“I just want to communicate that you never know what you’re getting into when you’re on someone else’s show, really, and I was working with the three series leads — Grant Gustin, Stephen Amell and Melissa Benoist. I was so happy and really excited to work with them, because they made me feel really welcome. Having been on a show as long as I was that shot similarly long, exhausting hours, I know in my bones how tired you get, and I was impressed by how delightful they were to work with. Like, really I love all three of them and of course Tyler. Chemistry it’s hard to fake if it’s not there from the get-go and it was definitely there from the get-go. So yeah, I just want to kind of give a shout out to the actors.”

And here’s what she said about the prospect of potentially spinning out into a Superman series:

“Potentially, and it was something I sort of talked to one of the producers about. I think it’ll depend on how this is reviewed and a bunch of other external factors that nobody has really that much control over. I know Tyler and I would love to come back and work more together. We fortunately had great chemistry, which is not always a given.”

The Elseworlds crossover kicks off with The Flash season 5 episode 9, which aired last Sunday on The CW. For fans here in the UK, it should reach Sky One next week.

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