Faster — A-Train (The Boys)

Faster by A-Train — listen to the new single now on Voughtify

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Available now on Voughtify, listen to Faster by A-Train

Proving it’s not just Starlight who can sign and make a video, A-Train has released a single, Faster. It’s available to stream via Voughtify and there’s also a video:

We think the video is more than a little synthwave, and the style (and lyrics) are A-Train down to a T.

Of course this is just more publicity for The Boys while we wait for the long gap until season 3 to expire. It’s fair to say the single has had mixed reception, with the official The Boys account suggesting:

OR you could rustle up a fire poker and stab yourself in the ear! Same thing.

It’s nice to see the show filling the break creatively, and we expect to see more on Faster in the next instalment of the the Vought International News Seven on 7. What’s next? Shakespeare monologues from Homelander? Cooking with The Deep? Maybe Queen Maeve could take part in the US version of Strictly Come Dancing. We wouldn’t put anything past The Boys.

As ever, we’ll keep you posted.