Freaks and Geeks leaves Netflix UK next month

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Teen TV treasure Freaks and Geeks will cease being available on Netflix from next month.

Comfortably one of the best American TV shows that virtually nobody has seen – Freaks & Geeks is one of the most honest, funny, moving and involving high school dramas, that follows the nerdy kids at school, the ‘in crowd’, and the girl who basically tries to find her way through the middle of them all.

It’s notable, too, for launching so many careers. Seth Rogen, James Franco, Linda Cardellini,, John Francis Daley (now a Hollywood director), Sam Levine and Jason Segel were among those who got their break on the show. And it was created by Spy and Bridesmaids director Paul Feig.

For the past few months, the whole show has been on Netflix UK too. But now comes the alert that it’s due to leave the streaming service. It’s basically your last chance – at least for the time being – to binge on a real, single-season treat. If you’ve not had the pleasure, note that Freaks and Geeks is due to leave Netflix on February 1st.

It really is worth checking out.