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Good Omens: David Tennant chats about the show

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Filming is entering the latter stages for the television adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’’s Good Omens, that Gaiman has been overseeing. Amazon is funding the new series, that was filming in the UK before Christmas, and has since been shooting in South Africa.

Amongst the terrific ensemble for the programme is David Tennant, and he’s been chatting about Good Omens in a new interview with The Herald.

“It’s quite hard tonally to get a grip on what Good Omens is, because it’s this very unique world that comes from Terry and Neil’s novel – and from the scripts, which Neil has adapted pretty faithfully from that novel”, Tennant said.

“I think it’s quite unlike anything I’ve ever been in before and possibly anything many people have seen before. It’s like a sort of fairy tale with a kind of very real world setting. It’s a farce and it’s also deeply serious. It’s all things at once and not quite any one of them”.

Gaiman has penned the scripts for the episodes, and the show is expected to premiere later this year. More as we hear it…

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