Gotham season 3 is finally coming to the UK – but not on Channel 5

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It’s been a frustration and a half for fans of Gotham in the UK, with those following the show at UK speed left in limbo by Channel 5’s refusal to screen season three of the show.

Season four premieres in the US next month, yet UK fans have been left needing to buy the DVDs if they want to legally keep up with what happened in previous episodes.

However, an olive branch has arrived. With Channel 5 still keeping mum about its seemingly non-existent plans for Gotham, Netflix UK has now confirmed that it will stream the entirety of season three from September 1st.

The first two seasons have previously been available on Netflix, but only after Channel Five had shown them. Here, though, it’s jumping in ahead of the channel. Where this all leaves a UK transmission for Gotham season 4 remains to be seen, but we’d strongly advise breath is not held…

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