Aidan Turner says ‘Poldark’ could run for five seasons

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Poldark star Aidan Turner has speculated that the show could continue for several more seasons.

The period drama’s first season concluded on Sunday night and is released on DVD on Monday 11 May.

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Turner told Radio Times: “In the first series we covered the first two novels and there’s 12 in total. Winston [Graham] has given us the stories. I think it could maybe go on for four or five series.”

He added: “It’s popular now, we are all behind it, but it is impossible to predict these things. If it does continue, the books are there.”

Poldark Ross Poldark (AIDEN TURNER)

Discussing the show’s popularity, the Irish actor commented: “Maybe people find there is a romanticism about the show which works. It’s hard to predict the trend sometimes: why people latch onto a show, why things become popular, why Downton took off. When we were making Poldark we were wondering if it was going to have an audience, but it seems we struck it lucky.”

A second season was commissioned by BBC One earlier this month.

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